Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Practice. PR…Consultant

Well people would know that I do PR consult, although before it was just for the sake of studies and turn out that it could be a small profit things to do although suddenly because I am so peculiar about quality of the final product I became to obsess with the quality that I forgot that this is part time stuff. And taking to much job is taking me piece by piece, I don’t fill that I am a whole person when I think to many stuff to be done, took to may job at a very short time….wuuu~~ but at least it does bring a small profit, I am able to buy and install a new ceiling fan, new spectacle hopefully new phone I hope hehehe… it more profit then hopefully could fund my master studies. Hehehe..  Well that was the dream when I started the PR practice. But I just realize how much work and attention to detail I need to do. Oh my gosh… Need to be more selective than quantity.
Come on ben, September in looming…. You need to get yourself together …although love life seem to be happening though just need to see rhythm that all I need hehehe…

Wuuu August coming to an end~~!!!!  

The huggable Ben

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